Shah Cement has become synonymous to strength, stability and safety.

The product bears testament not only to quality production, but also to its commitment to building sustainable & durable structures all around the country; from the largest buildings to homes, and even the streets that connect the people together for generations to come. Regarded as the standard of quality in the Bangladesh Cement Industry, Shah Cement offers both Ordinary Portland Cement (CEM-I) & Portland Composite Cement (CEM-II) suitable for any kind of construction, making Shah Cement a leading development partner of Bangladesh.  Over the years, Shah Cement has been the proud recipient of some national & international awards & accolades.


Highest amount of (C3S)
Strong Cement Particles

Clinker, the main element of Shah Cement contains the highest amount of C3S (Tri Calcium Silicate).
With the presence of this active calcium silicate, strong cement particles increase the strength of concrete reinforcement.

Strong C-S-H; Strong Concrete


Calcium silicate hydrate (C-S-H) is the main cement paste and is primarily responsible for the strength in cement.
The hydration process of Shah Cement produces C-S-H gel which ensures strong concrete and is advantageous to gain more long term strength


Unique grinding System

Fourth Generation German Technology – Unique grinding System, each particle of Shah Cement, is equally strong through uniform grinding.

Fine Cement-Equally Strong


Two stages grinding – High efficient separator & High Chrome media converts Shah Cement particles into better particle size, which ensures proper fineness. Shah Cement maintains an average fineness of 4000 cm2/gm in Blaine Apparatus, and it stimulates the hydration process which ensures early strength development.