Quality Assurance

To be consistent with the quality, it is mandatory to be meticulous about quality assurance. In order to achieve that, Shah Cement leaves no stone unturned to maintain its quality management program. In actual words, this program of Shah Cement Industries Ltd. spans the whole organization. The organization is committed to achieve optimum quality by ensuring standard at all stages of production.

The dutiful and skilled team of Shah Cement works tirelessly towards establishing, implementing and upgrading the highest performance standards. Also, stringent Quality Control is maintained all stages of production & hence superiority & strength in products give the assurance to consumers’ life time investment that will build future.

Quality Guideline

Customer’s satisfaction is the prime spirit of the quality Policy of Shah Cement Industries Limited. Shah Cement is committed to achieve this by maintaining quality at all stages of manufacturing, presenting best quality cement at reasonable price, just-in-time delivery and providing adequate resources and trained manpower who strictly adhere to the procedures ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS).

Quality Control

The production facility is equipped with an auto quality control system which is continuously monitoring the grinding quality through an on-line close circuit system.

In terms of quality, main raw material clinker plays the most vital role. only for that, it is collected from the best sources of South East Asia with quality being tested and verified to ensure quality and conformity with international standards.

We only depend on the proven raw material suppliers; stringent quality parameters are maintained from the source to the factory point. For quality testing in the plant, a random sampling system is used at every stages of the production process and is strictly monitored through a state-of the -art computerized Central Control Room (CCR). Additionally, we sustain our excellence with the help of Blaine Apparatus.

Stringent Quality Control is maintained at all stages of production by:

  Per hour chemical composition test by XRF
  Residue testing by Sieve analysis
  Controlling clinker and gypsum by weighing feeder
  Measuring weighing feeder using tachometer