CEM II – Portland Composite Cement

Shah Cement Special is Portland Composite Cement which adheres to the European standards CEM-II/B-M ( S-V-L) 42.5 N. Shah Cement Special gets its unique characteristics by using high-quality clinker, fly ash, slag & limestone. It offers both categories of CEM-II, i.e. CEM-II/A-M & CEM-II/B-M

Functional Benefits

Generally, Ordinary Portland Cement gains strength for 90 days, whereas Shah Cement Special continues to gain strength for much longer due to its pozzolanic and latent hydraulic reaction. The hydration process of Shah Cement produces C-S-H gel that ensures strong concrete and is advantageous to gain more long-term strength. Shah Cement Special builds a concrete with higher density and lower permeability, which produces fewer voids; thus contributing to the durability and lifetime of the construction. As limestone is added in Shah Cement Special- plastering will look smoother, better, and attractive. And more…


The distinct properties of Shah Cement Special make it suitable cement for

Underground concrete works.
High-rise buildings
Bridges & flyovers & all types RCC constructions, foundations & structures.

Practically all types of RCC works- residential buildings, mass concrete works, underground concrete works, roofing, and all types of plasters, masonry, and tile fixing works.